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A Day with the Morgias

I was introduced to the Morgias via email by one of my university instructors. The Morgias needed some social media help for their new restaurant, The Meatball Shoppe, and I needed a portfolio project to graduate; we were a perfect match! Up to this point I’ve been working with them for almost 2 months and we just met face-to-face for the very first time last week! Even though I felt like I already knew them like good friends (they have a way of doing that even over the phone), I got to know them in a new light. There’s so much more to Jeff and Isabella than just meatballs and good food, though there is definitely that! I got to see their passion, love, and genuineness first hand. Those are the best words to describe them.

I drove 2 hours to meet Jeff at The Meatball Shoppe. I walk in to find him and their culinary staff member, Patti, working on a catering job that looks delicious! Of course he stops what he’s doing and greets me with a warm hug right away. Then, he proudly begins showing me around their new facility. When he tells me the heartwarming story of how the place became theirs and what their plans are for the restaurant, I have no doubt it’ll be a huge success. About half-way through the story, Isabella comes in, filling the room with light and love right away!kitchen

After we finish our conversation and take some pictures at The Meatball Shoppe, Isabella and I head back to their house. Jeff plans to meet up with us later, but he has to stay to finish the catering job and wait for the big store-front sign to be delivered and installed!



When Isabella and I arrive at their house, she does what any good host would do and gives me a tour of their beautiful home. However, this tour is a little different. I’m expecting to go room to room, but her tour is photo to photo. You see, Jeff and Isabella are very passionate about their families and their heritages. Their home is full of gallery walls showcasing their family’s history. Isabella takes me through one by one, pointing out the different generations. It’s so easy to feel the love and honor she has for her family.

The next item on the day’s to-do list is dinner…I’ve been waiting for this moment! Isabella tells me she’s making chicken marsala, pasta, and, of course, meatballs! She gets right to work making everything from scratch and in no time a heavenly aroma fills the kitchen! When it’s time to make the meatballs, she calls me over to get a closer look and pours me a glass of wine. I’m loving this! She walks me through step by step and even lets me sample a test meatball…amazing!


It doesn’t take long before this amazing meal is complete and ready for me to devour! It was all I imagined and more…just perfect!plate

My day with the Morgias was a beautiful experience. I could write and write and write about the love they have for each other, their families, others, and making exquisite food. The Meatball Shoppe truly is a labor of love for this generous couple and Orlando, Florida is crazy lucky to have it and them!